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Check Engine Light Services

Check Engine Light

Your car is a pretty amazing machine. It’s built to withstand severe weather such as snow, ice, and thunderstorms. Even during a torrential downpour, you can stay safe and dry in your vehicle. It’s built with special censors that alert you when something wrong. No matter what car you own, the electronic-control system will send a signal that flashes a light representing the whereabouts of the issue. So, when the ‘Check Engine’ light comes on your dashboard it’s easy to get alarmed. While it’s important to be concerned and check it out, sometimes it’s as simple as the gas cap not fastened tight enough. These steps will assist you with what to do if your check engine light comes on in your car.

What Does it Mean?

Some vehicles ‘Check Engine’ light will display in red, yellow, or orange. Others may just have the engine symbol in either of those three colors. Either way, a mechanic should assess the situation as soon as possible.

Inspect the Situation

Of course, you’ll want to check for serious issues immediately before anything else. Serious issues include check the dashboard gauges for low oil pressure or overheating. If these are a result of the check engine light, pull over immediately and shut the engine off.

Reduce Speed and Load

If you notice the check engine light on and a serious problem has occurred, reduce your speed slowly. If you’re towing a trailer, you will need to lessen the load by unhinging and pulling over.

Tighten Gas Cap

Some vehicles are equipped with a signal that warns you when the gas cap is loosely, however, most cars do not. Sometimes the check engine light will indicate that the gas cap needs to be tightened. Once you’ve applied this step and if this is the problem, it should reset after 2 or three trips.

Read the Code

Lastly, take your vehicle to a reputable mechanic to have the code read to you. This will determine teh rorot of the problem and get it fixed by a prffessional who can get it analized correctly.

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